Please support XXCoin

We choose to heavily rely on coin's clients: this enables us to potentially support ANY bitcoin-like cryptocurrency, even if their internal algorithms or exchanges are totally different.

We basically uses those clients as an "API" to provide an access to their blockchains objects. Those clients can be of any kind, as soon as they provides an RPC interface.

The only required conditions are:

If your currency is listed here (as major, minor or candidate) and you wish to have it included, please contact us (top right of the page).

Excluded currencies

The following currencies should have been included but aren't because of bogus clients.

Those currencies could be included if their clients are updated or if you know a fix to the problems.


Donations are greatly appreciated if you find this service useful :)


The service is provided "as is" and comes with absolutely no guarantee. Data provided for information purposes only, DO NOT RELY ON THEM! Use the service at your own risks!

Especially, we are totally dependent on the bugs of the coind clients we use (for example, retrieving the transaction of the first block never works, that's why this transaction is not available here).